Travel insurance

What country are you going to?

When are you going?

Enter the date you leave home and arrive home. Consider time differences/zones and travel times.

Enter the age of each person today, including children.

Current age of travellers
  • Are all travellers currently living in Australia, and:

    • are they Australian citizens with a valid Australian Medicare card, or

    • do they hold a visa allowing them to live, work or study in Australia?

    If any traveller has already left their home in Australia and are on their trip this cover is subject to a 3 day no-cover period. This means there is no cover under any section for any event that has occurred already or that arises within the first 3 days of buying the policy.

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    With travel insurance from BYOjet, you'll have:

    • Access to 24/7 Emergency Assistance

      When you need help abroad, our team of emergency assistance professionals is there for you, around the clock. Passport lost? In need of an English speaking doctor? It happens. All our travel insurance policies come with access to emergency medical and travel assistance – any time you may need it, day or night, anywhere in the world.

    • Overseas Medical and Dental Coverage

      The last thing you want to worry about when heading overseas on your next travel adventure is the costs of necessary emergency medical treatment whilst away from home. With international travel insurance from BYOjet, you'll have Overseas emergency medical and dental expense coverage.

    • 21 day cooling-off period

      Change your mind on travel insurance? No worries, you can cancel or change your policy at any time before you head out on your trip, as long as you cancel within 21 days of the date the policy was issued. As long as you haven't made a claim on your policy or started on your trip, we will refund the entire premium.

    Travel Insurance: what's the big deal?

    Chances are, your trip will go off smoothly. You won't lose your luggage and get stuck wearing the same pair of socks for days, you won't get 'Delhi Belly' whilst eating your way through India, and you're definitely going on this trip...there's absolutely no chance you'll have to cancel. But what if you do? You've budgeted AUD$2,000 to visit your old flatmate in the UK this summer – is that amount worth losing if you become ill and can no longer go? International medical evacuation can run over AUD$150,000 in some countries – is that something your bank account can handle? For most travellers, it's not. And that is exactly why you should invest in travel insurance.


    Count on BYOjet to protect your next trip with:

    • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
    • Pain-free claims
    • Choice of excess levels
    • Cancellation, winter sport, and luggage cover should you choose it
    • Overseas emergency medical and dental coverage
    • 21 day cooling-off period*

    *Available if you cancel your policy within 21 days of purchase and you don't wish to make a claim or you haven't departed on your journey.