Make a Travel Insurance Claim

Learn more about how to file a travel insurance claim

What to do when an incident occurs

You purchased travel insurance to protect your trip from unexpected expenses – so what do you do when the unexpected happens?

For a more pleasant claims process, please follow the guidelines in your policy documents. The Policy Conditions section spells out the necessary documents and procedures for claims, primarily:

  • Report lost or stolen property to police or responsible transport provider and obtain a written report.
  • Keep receipts for any money spent (such as replacing items from lost luggage).
  • Phone the emergency assistance number as soon as physically possible if you are admitted to hospital or if you anticipate that any of your medical expenses are likely to exceed $2,000.

Following these steps will make the claims process much easier.

How to submit a claim

Submitting a claim on your BYOjet travel insurance policy is easy – simply follow the easy step-by-step claims guide.

To get your claim resolved as quickly as possible, please send all necessary supporting documents detailed in the How to Make a Claim guide. You may do this by submitting them as part of your online claim or by posting them to our office. Be sure to keep a copy of all originals and forms for yourself.

If you need help with your claim:

Call: 1300 72 88 22 or +61 (0) 2 8907 5000

If you have complaints about a claim

We are here to help you in each step of the process. If you feel that your claim has not been handled correctly, we would like to hear from you. Please use our guide to lodge a complaint.

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